Every individual's mouth is different, and each denture must be custom designed to fit perfectly and to look good. Good quality control is critical to ensure the denture fits and looks natural in the patient's mouth. No two dentures will be alike; even two sets of dentures made for the same person will not be exactly alike because they are manufactured in custom molds that must be broken in order to extract the denture. Approaching each case with our full attention and dedication, we aim to exceed your expectations.

Immediate Dentures Immediate Dentures Dentures which are placed immediately after natural teeth are extracted.
Partial Dentures Our partial denture procedures include metal frame, acrylic, and valplast.
Metal Frame Partial This is the strongest partial made due to the framework that the acrylic teeth are set on. This partial is made to last for years and has a very comfortable fit.
Acrylic Partial This partial is transitional, usually used during a healing period. This partial is considered temporary until enough healing has occurred and another partial can be made. There are patients who use an acrylic partial for years, but it is not usually recommended over long term.