We have the right solution for you.
Dental Art Solution, is a laboratory that provides a variety of restorations for your paitients. We are a smaller lab so we have more room to provide individualized care and attention to detail. Whether you are looking for porcelain-to-metal, all-ceramic, porcelain veneers, inlays, onlays, provisional crowns, dental implants, and diagnotics we have the solution for you.



All dental products created at Dental Art Solution carry a full guarantee. This guarantee is your assurance that quality materials have been used during the manufacturing process and that our carefully designed production process has been followed.

Please see below our guarantee scheme:

Product Guarantee Guarantee period
Crowns and Bridges : Yes : 1 year
Veneers : Yes : 6 months
Removable prostetics (acrylic) : Guarantee provided at discretion of Dental Art Solution : variable


If within the guarantee period the product proves defective in circumstances of normal use, a replacement will be provided free of charge by Dental Art Solution. The guarantee does not cover any defect arising from incorrect prescription or fitting.

The guarantee becomes null and void if: patient does not receive their annual dental check-up or in case of restoration failure due to oral health problems. Damage caused by physical trauma or impact (for instance due to high risk sports) is specifically excluded from our product guarantees.

We reserve the right to refuse a guarantee where we believe that the requested product may not last the guarantee period due to its particular circumstances. If instructed to continue with these cases, we will do so. However, in the event that the requested work fails, we will expect to be paid in full for the work supplied.

Alloy Policy

Client will be charged for any loss of precious or semi precious alloy during the production process, with a maximum of 25%. (Please note this is excluding the possible extra cost incurred in case of a remake).

Gold will be charged at it's gross weight. Alloy is charged at the rate on the day of casting. Dental Art Solution cannot give an estimation of the expected cost as this cannot be guaranteed.

Billing Policy

Statements are sent out to client on a monthly basis. The Dental Practice, where the dentist issuing the prescription is hired, is held responsible for payment. However, Dental Art Solution may hold the dentist, issuing the prescription, responsible for payment at their own discretion.

All accounts must be settled within 15 days from date of statement. All work done or items supplied will remain the property of Dental Art Solution until payment is received. Dental Art Solution may charge any legal fees or other costs required to collect unpaid balance may be charged to client. Accounts with balances unpaid for over 90 days will be processed only on a pay first basis. Dental Art Solution reserves the right to take legal steps – with prior notice - if client fails to settle his account within one month.