Certification & Credentials

Heather Suk

Owner & Ceramist

  • Department of Dental Technology College
  • Kuwata College
  • Practice of the Occlusion and Ceramo metal course
  • Ivoclar build-up training course
  • Sakura Interaction, Antagon Interaction
  • Aesthetic Revolution
  • Damok Dental training course
  • Dental Tech contouring course
  • Republic of Korea dental technician licence
  • Tescera certified
  • Gilbert Hwang

    Owner & Senior Dental Technician

  • Department of Dental Technology College
  • Aesthetic Revolution With design and eris for E2
  • Surgical and Prothetic Implant Dentistry
  • RDT training program Sakura Interaction, Antagon Interaction
  • Health University specialty course
  • Republic of Korea dental technician license
  • R.D.T (Canada)
  • C.D.T (USA)
  • Tescera certified
  • d.A.S. team

    Gilbert Hwang
    Owner/ Senior Lab Technician

    Gilbert is the head lab technician with over 15 years of experience. He keeps close contact with clients. He also coordinates and leads the D.A.S. Lab.

    Heather Suk
    Owner/ Ceramist

    Heather is an accomplished dental lab tech with a concentration in ceramics. She follows her father's footsteps by owning and maintaining a Dental Lab of her own.

    Front Desk & Technologist

    For the past 6 years Karen has been assisting Heather and Gilbert througout the lab working as both a front desk coordinator and lab technition.

    Lab Technologist

    A lab tech with a backround in computer programming and the creative arts. She mainly works on the Jensen Dental CAD CAM 3d system.

    Lab Technologist

    A warm welcome to the newest member of D.A.S.

    Marketing/ Shipping Coordinator

    Toby promotes and markets our lab as well as deliver products to our clients. Speaks fluently in Spanish.